Fact #26

Oops! Looks like Lyanna took too long to figure out what she wants so now Vv is trying to find herself another blonde.

Fact #25

Avery dear, i thought you had enough money to buy a fucking condom. Now you must buy diapers and diamond rings. Goodluck with that. And also, you should work on your i-did-not-propose-because-i-felt-guilty face.

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Fact #24

I’m so glad kiara is out of the picture. now Scarlett can have Will all to herself



Fact #23

The Christmas party messages already got some first victims. It’s actually funny that everybody is hiding their little notes and dirty secrets.

Fact #22

Mark should be thankful for the dare he received a while ago, look where it’s got him in the relationship with Ade.


Fact #21

If this new guy breaks Bo’s heart, I’m gonna rip his head off… both his heads. Kisses.

- Bee

Astazi este ultima zi in care va puteti inscrie pentru petrecerea de Halloween! Va asteptam in numar cat mai mare si promitem ca nu veti regreta! :)

Inscrierile se fac aici!

Fact #20

Lyanna and Vv should just fuck already, who needs love when they have pure hatred?


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Fact #19

Gloria would love to introduce Robb to her friends, but she is scared that they won’t like him.

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Fact #18

I always feel like I’m involved in this relationship more than Ams

- Ben

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